Innovation and resources

RVG is a company with a long standing reputation for product innovation within the vehicle graphics industry.  We are built on the values of quality, innovation and customer service and as a result we are at the forefront of the vehicle graphics industry.

We work in partnership with our customers within every sector of the vehicle graphics industry.  We were among the first in the vehicle graphics industry to develop our battenburg kits for the emergency services and we made sure we paid special attention to the needs of our customers in terms of material, finishing and fitting. We also provide fast accident repair damage, ensuring our customer’s vehicles are not off the road for long.

RVG have one of the largest and most modern vehicle graphics facilities in the UK.  We have a dedicated space for livery application in our head office combined with a nationwide fitting service ensuring that we meet our customers’ needs.  
We also have a range of high-end wide format digital printing and screen printing equipment allowing us to be flexible to our customers needs.