Chapter 8

RVG can help you with all your Chapter 8 needs.  We provide permanent or temporary Chapter 8 chevron kits in a choice of materials and in either full or half height kits.

What is Chapter 8?
Chapter 8 is about protecting your workers and vehicles that work on high speed roads and also recommends that the same specifications apply to any works vehicles that are stopping on any road.  

Who does Chapter 8 affect?
Chapter 8 affects any operator, regardless of fleet size, that intentionally stop for work purposes on high speed roads.

What should my Chapter 8 markings look like?
Your Chapter 8 markings should be either chevron markings or a solid block of fluorescent orange-red reflective material.  

Where do my Chapter 8 markings need to be?
The high-visibility markings must be on the rear of the vehicle and need to cover as much of the rear as possible without obscuring any windows, lighting or the number plate.